I thought I would take this time, the evening before my assignment is due, to pause, and reflect on the nature of blogging. Blogging is not easy – at least I’ve not found it to be that way. My first couple of posts were, as most first ideas on a topic are. But that’s really […]

I have talked a lot about how social media influences the film industry – it’s promotion of films, how it interacts with its viewers and all that jazz. What I haven’t discussed is an interesting aspect of how social media influences the films themselves. All films are based on a story of some kind or […]

Now I came across this infograph a while ago (during the Oscar period, obviously) and thought it was really quite interesting. If you will, read below… (sorry, it is a long image!) Now, as I’m sure you ALL know, the actual results were: BEST PICTURE “Argo”, BEST ACTOR Daniel Day-Lewis for “Lincoln” and BEST ACTRESS Jennifer Lawrence for “Silver Linings […]

Now I’m sure anyone reading this blog has of course read Welcome to Social Media for the Movie Buff, and therefore knows of my great love affair with Young Justice, the animated tv show that was cancelled before its time. It is with reference to this great love that I will discuss the final of […]

Now I can’t just say which website this is, no no.  It deserves its own drumroll beforehand! So, with no further ado, drrrrrrrrrrr………….. (that’s apparently a drumroll sound)……… Imdb – The Internet Movie Database! If you have any interest in movies, you will have been on this site at some point in time. For people […]

I think in order to appreciate this blog, and the film industry, and life itself, you need to have seen Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog”. It is quite possibly the greatest blog and show of all time (at the same time!) and also was a revolutionary change in how television shows could be delivered […]

Now this topic is a much debated one, and rather like the glorious Loch Ness Monster you tend to either believe in it or you don’t. The glorious, illustrious, far-from-guaranteed “Viral Marketing”. The most common form that people know this in is viral videos, those ones that make the internet just go crazy and have […]

Now back in 2004 there was a television show call Veronica Mars, which detailed the fantastic exploits of a female teenage detective. In its three seasons Veronica Mars developed a huge cult following, but was unfortunately cancelled in 2007  (like all the great classics *sniff*). Much like me in my last post, its fans were left devastated. […]

As I have found with most things, starting is always the hardest part of any task. So we shall begin with a basic intro! Hi, I’m Shivarn, self-professed nerd. For one of my classes for Massey University I’m required to write a blog that discusses the effects of social media. My lecturer suggested to us […]


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